The reporter learns from Shanghai afforest and management board of the appearance of a city, as ” regu青浦那些浴场有全套lation of Shanghai life rubbish ” (abbreviation ” byelaw ” ) one of files of form a complete set, ” a certain number of opinions that manage about city of compasses model for painting is big rubbish ” (abbreviation ” opinion ” ) announcement a few days ago print and distribute, decrease from fountainhead quantity, classification puts in and receive carry, resource to change use wait for link, offer dir会所干磨和水磨的区别0ective opinion to the processing of big rubbish, after requirement fractionation reconditioning, undertake resource is changed use or harmless青浦足浴 change deal with; Carry out pay cost上海嘉定ktv to receive carry mechanism. Basis ” opinion ” , big rubbish is to show unit and individual are in what arise in daily life, weight exceeds 5 kilogram, or bulk exceeds 0.2 stere, or length exceeds 1 meter, bulk sex of bigger, whole is strong, the re嘉定楼塘浴场source after needing fractionation reconditioning is changed use or harmless turn the deserted goods that deal with. Basis ” byelaw ” , ” opinion ” encourage unit and individual to wait for a form through choosing big furniture with green durable environmental protection, reduce big rubbis金山spah to discharge. Encourage the social company that has a requirement to begin 上海虹口有什么大浴场the line on line of useless old furniture to fall secondhand trade wait for an activity, promote the loop such as big furniture to use.上海佘山深坑酒店 ” opinion ” encourage resource to change use big rubbish, the unit installs fractionation to deal a room related the requirement; Normative fractionation works, stimulative resource is changed use with harmless change deal with. Management department of the appearance of a city of afforest of whole town each district ought to strengthen big rubbish generation, put in, collect, carry, processing, resource is changed use and harmless change deal with whole process is superintended, master discharge of area is large rubbish, flow direction effectively, accomplish ” Zhang can be checked, fountainhead but go against the river, whereaboutldirection can accuse ” . (Li Jing of civil report reporter) note: Be in please reprint article content current affairs to need give chapter and verse for!  Editor: Dan Qin