In news of new network Shanghai on August 12 report (swan goose of Zheng Juncong Zhao) suffer a typhoon ” Lijima ” influence, harbor of passenger liner of international of Wu Song mouth on August 9 16 when to on August 12 0 when stop haven all exercise, plan to relied on berth on August 10 formerly ” mediterranean is brilliant ” date, ” flourishing age princess ” date, relied on berth松江蓝色港湾娱乐 on August 11 ” marine spectrum ” date passenger liner all incur loss through delay relies on berth to August 12, harbor of passenger liner of international of Wu Song mouth welcomes a plan outside ” 3 boats lean together ” , into leave the country the passenger is close 28 thousand person-time, gross of odd-numbered days金山五星级酒店 passenger flow exceeds 36 thousand person-time, reach historical peak value. To reduce the adverse effect that the typhoon causes, station of the check side Pu Jiang is adopted actively answer act, the lash-up that start beforehand case, defend safety of port of Shanghai passenger liner wit上海世茂深坑酒店 官网h all one’s strength expedite. During dock suspends operation, arrangement is enough alarm force is on duty equipment is diligent, strengthen go on a tour of inspection, undertake check and be assessmented ahead of schedule to technical establishment, had done a work of each preparation before closing; 上海虹口全套水磨会上海东方罗马浴场所Through small letter the information platform such as public date releases information of passenger liner trends in real time, remind a passenger to adjust scheduling in time, avoid to stop for long in port; After passenger liner relies on berth, 4 are on duty the group is whole a mount guard, open channel of sufficient test and verify, guide different type passenger to enter corresponding passageway to deal with edge check上海大浴场哪个比较好 formalities quickly, safeguard is connected close smooth; Be aimed at the circumstance that passenger lin上海宝山区附近ktver defer enters a country, do good passenger mood to pacify the job patiently, safeguard port to be connected normally shut sequence; Develop adequately ” Xing Yaopu river ” the che上海天虹国际ktvck side Pu Jiang is volunteer s莱阳金山国际酒店spaervice station action, strengthen guide and publicize the job,静安大浴场 provide necessary help to have the guest of need. That day, port moves smooth and orderly, end 15: 30, all leaving the country the passenger already all ascended a boat, 3 luxurious passenger liner plan at 17: 00 before leave berth entirely.