In news of new network Shanghai on September 23 report (prince billows) this year Pu Xigen of 75 years old, once should spen2019上海闵行油压交流群d educated youth, had done ” emancipatory daily ” reporter, he still has a capacity — 10 thousand lis of aborigines. Change to reside community as appropriate from suburb village, pu Xigen witnessed village of 10 thousand lis of change to build the transitional course of the city. The house that he has stayed in, turned Xiaoping into the room from cogongrass room, upgrade into elevator room again later. His life also is in these change, from heat pres闵行绿银绿ktv是荤场吗ervation full trend go straight towards well-off. Do上海金台大浴场 正规吗mestic state 70 carry, the home is running, the city is changing, the person is going, in 10 thousand change in, the affection of his passion to the home and country is changeless from beginning to end. Hill of little bridge of 10 thousand lis of villages, it is Shanghai outskirt formerly a hamlet curtilage name, be located in original fine countryside of the long march that decide a county, be located in the Pu Tuo at that time area, fine 3 ground reach calm county, treasure mountain county collect place. Pu Xigen’s for generations inhabits this. 1937, start shooting of encounter of 813 Song Shanghai, extremely vicious Japan aggressor the housing small Liang Shan is all burn-up, home Cao that Pu Xigen’s parents went Shanghai urban district with respect to flee from a calamity crosses Lu Xue Zhai. “After liberating, I know gradually, my home is in 10 thousand lis, at that time (controlled 1949) I have 56 years old only. ” the Pu Xigen of childhood often is in a word phrase of parents is medium, the former appearance of medley home town, there is deep longing to that land in the heart. On October 1, 1949, hold water as People’s Republic of China, be far from the riverside family of native land because of flames of war, returned hill of little bridge of 10 thousand lis of villages afresh. The Pu Xigen after retiring is in ” live in national condition of Yong Huaiai of 10 thousand lis of cities ” write so in one article: “After new China holds water, have a rough time the person turns over became master. We return 10 thousand lis of small Liang Shan, I ever was in what be crossed by baked wheaten cake clear on base curtilage, the foot that then grey earth ever was my ancestor has walked, that tile ever blocked上海普陀区帝王ktv wind block rain for my ancestor, avoid super-cooling is heated up. Pain of that paragraph of history lets me from beginning to end cannot dismiss from one’s mind. ” what the riverside family that returns small Liang Shan is faced with is homeless corner however. Whole 10 thousand lis of villages, the room that can上海男士spa上门 live abandons a remnant very few. “There is a family later, they are kulak, the house has bounteous, he lends us. ” the associate with that then Duan Jiren hedge issues since memory of riverside stannum root, feel sad unceasingly. He says, the house that rents others lived to have 10 the coming year, till 1960 when, domestic Li Caimian built a thatched cottage by force, passed 34 years later, their home built one-storey house of a cement eventually. Nowadays, what riverside stannum root lives is the new building of two hall of 3 rooms, sitting room, dining-room, toilet, big room, cubby one pace reachs the designated position, still can sit elevator fluctuation building, in those days he thinks th松江松东路哪有大保健is not to have the courage to think. And this kind of change, it is to result from the history was in 1997 hill of little bridge of 10 thousand lis of villages delimits the heavy brushstroke below. Be worth S虹口区大浴场地址hanghai one that year ” 95 ” the key of construction year, also be 20 centuries the last Five-Year Plan. Build the pace that often transforms curtilage with the country to accelerate housing, implementation complete residence the gross target of 45 million square metre, municipal government decision plans to build 4 to cross a century to set an example in whole town living area, 10 thousand lis are among them one of. Formal start built 10 thousand lis of walls on June 17, 1997, whole living area plans to cover an area of 216 hectare, total floor area 2.57 million square metre, program living population 60 thousand person. As 10 thousand lis aborigines, old curtilage when resettlement, pu Xigen cho虹口龙之梦银乐迪ktv价目表se to stay in 10 thousand lis, stay in the closest from small Liang Shan place. Nowadays, stand in crossing of road of true Hualu new residential quarter, the village of small high level that Pu Xigen lives now is west, the east once spread all over the small Liang Shan of farm to also be replaced by high-rise place already. In the road, integrated model sell a stand erect the intermediate position in living area greatly, person bearer is gone to never-ending. “So we the position of road of this new residential quarter is alley, the small mud road of country, it is very difficult to should walk out of a village. If want to go to Nanjing from here road, macrocosm, be about foregone mud road of 45 minutes, ability walks along public transportation station to take a car. ” setting of the difficulty when Pu Xigen answers recall to go out before, look again the road net sth resembling a net of extend in all directions is mixed now public traffic, a kind of happy feeling arises spontaneously, spa水磨拉丝怎么做”Public transportation now 112 with respect to door mouth, should go a car can go to people square. ” the station of district of new residential quarter of 7 lines mixes orbit traffic the Shanghai west station of 11 lines, also added for a travel of 10 thousand lis of dwellers convenient. 1997, accompany what project of house of 10 thousand lis of towns stars building to still have whole the afforest construction of living area. 10 thousand lis of central greenbelt cross the nods eyeball pen of century living area this namely. The afforest dimensions of whole community achieves 1.05 million square metre, afforest rate amounts to 47% above, area of afforest of average per capita 17 square metre. The program of such lead, reached the level 2010 directly. Cheng Lin of the greenery in 10 thousand lis of of nowadays central greenbelt, fragrant grass is overlapping, it is dwellers exercise the first selection that take a walk. The Na Duan of greenbelt has two stone tablet, it is national together and south university site is monumental, recounting flames of war to fly violently time, the hardship that suffers here; Another is compose of Mr Zhao Lihong ” 10 thousand lis of cities are endowed with ” , between the lines is full of the infinite hope to future. December 2014, 10 thousand lis of areas press down separate out from long march; In January 2015, 10 thousand lis of street agency hold water formally, of the same age in March, 10 thousand lis of street parties are versed in appoint, agency hangs out his shingle formally, the development of 10 thousand lis of cities leaves opened new one page. Answer eye 70 years, village of change of 10 thousand lis of areas builds a wall is the epitome that new China city develops. 10 thousand lis of nowadays, be sure to be shown in future piece more the development achievement of change quickly, coruscate gives brand-new energy. (Be over)