In news of new network Shanghai on September 23 report (Pan Erdong) 22 days, carrying Panama book ” efficient ” annulus get hurt charter flight of Indian book nautical arrives at Bombay smoothly. Linkage of empty sea of Shanghai edge check, efficient join, ensure get hurt the sailor goes back to the motherland smoothly continue to accept treatment, got crew family member, ship-owner reachs acting company all the time reputably. Time is returned late on September 4, station of the 上海闵行区温泉浴场check side Chong Ming of terminal of Shanghai edge check directs a center to receive acting company to report, say to be located in Chong Ming island the Panama book of dockyard of some build and repair ” efficient ” annulus have a sailor clea青浦新城ktv招聘ning the experience when pump room is sm静安区梅园路ktv招聘eary to break out igneous affection, two sailors get hurt, the condition is critical. After the check side Chong Ming receives a reply start passageway of life deliverance green for a short while, for the sailor rapid go to a doctor provides safeguard, seasonable follow-up masters get hurt sailor cure circumstance. Because send medical service 杨浦区最好的ktvseasonable, the condition of an injury of a sailor got be controllinged effectively, ponderosity of the condition of an injury of another India sailor, systemic burn area is amounted to 75% , be sent金山娱乐网络彩票 toward Ruijin hospital to keep apart an area to accept fight shock therapy. On September 21, bec宝山区有哪些浴场ause feeling of this sai虹口24h足浴lor injury is relatively mixed, crew family member puts forward actively, the hope goes back to the motherland continue to accept treatment. After the pressing demand that is informed crew family member, the check side Chong Ming stands to wait in time to be coordinated with all possible means with acting company, the ship, preparation arranges charter flight to be in charge of this sailor have a change of luck answering pragmatic appropriate by rescuing徐汇区最大的ktv松江长河浴场服务 company of CEGA state land. Hurt the characteristic of affection considering burn, to ensure the sailor that weigh an injury leaves the country smoothly, the check side Chong Ming stands below the unified deploy of terminal of Shanghai edge check, decide with station of check of Shanghai airport edge for a short while working program, make good crew quickly pertinent information and edge check formalities transfer the work, accompany sailor and family member to be left the country by Pudong airport port by person specially assigned for a task of edge check policeman, the person that ensure is turning by, board the plane wait for link without seam join. Change to the human nature of Shanghai edge check execute the law service, indian crew family member is in appreciate, stand again and again remo莱阳金山国际酒店招工信息ved thumb to express gratitude.