The foru上海指压油压论坛 上海按摩指压m of height of Internet of “2017 China industry that the reporter holds in treasure mountain from today learns on ” , predict 2020, configuration of economy of Internet of treasure mountain industry will be preliminary form, build whole nation of a batch of radiate, connect item of platform of one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one奉贤榆榕庄国际水疗 hundred and ninety-two class. At the appointe上海高端私密养生会所d time, treasure mountain will become motive force of industrial Internet innovation the industrial Internet with distinct effect of assemble of di上海水磨会所2019价格mensions of bright, enterprise, brand develops characteristic of driving, industry upland. Treasure mountain division shows about chief, in innovation transition process, treasure mountain relies on industrial dominant position with “ Internet + steely ” attachs most importance to a dot, build platform of business of cable of series of Ou Yeyun trade, include Shanghai iron and steel to trade finance of platform of content shedding service, steely Internet serves all directions iron and steel of center, Shanghai the 4 stature platform such as platform of service of technology of platform, steely material, strengthen Shanghai steel couplet heavy goods trades the steely industry such as platform gets army cable business drive effect, make the CBD on the net of the rolled steel over-the-counter trading with banner international, form from this with big data (the cloud is calculated) , platform economy, mobile Internet and new-style Internet enterprise serve state of job new job for the productivity that prop up. In the meantime, internet of “ lending strength + ” , accelerate the Internet t上海水磨论坛 上海浦东全套水磨会所hat drives traditional business to change, for industrial Internet development offers Wu of kimono of technology, product, drive confluence of the ” below the &rd金山好玩的的桑拿quo; on enterprise “ line and “ line to develop. It is reported, regard traditional industry as base, treasure mountain took the lead in contending for 2014 achieve in becoming first “ of countrywide, innovation of indigenous industry Inte上海 闵行 桑拿网论rnet carries out area ” . After this, the main goal assignment that treasure m爱上海后花园三通ountain will build innovation of Internet of “ China industry clearly to carry out area ” to regard the core content that participates in division of butt joint Shanghai to achieve a center to build and “ as 935 ” development, accelerate advance new generation IT and traditional manufacturing industry to cross bound confluence to develop, urge traditional production company by make to “ production 上海后花园1314龙凤论坛”+“ serves ” transition. On one hand, treasure mountain exert oneself urges “ tradition company + Internet ” . Encourage industry of the convention inside area to use IT, develop those who be based on Internet to create new pattern in coordination. Rely on treasure steel to build platform of business ” of “ Ou Yeyun, make the Alibaba of Chinese steely industry. Drive Shanghai prize a batch of traditional equipment such as limited company of limited company of fastener of 5 high strenth, food of Shanghai Hankang legume are made, food company and Internet engraft, make platform of fastener over-the-counter trading, use RFID and technology of content couplet net, build food safety to trace to the source informatization system, make intelligent plant. On the other hand, drive Internet enterprise and traditional industry butt joint, lead traditional industry transition to upgrade. The key collects “ Internet + make in coordination, Internet + electronic business affairs奉贤区南桥两号spa, Internet + efficient content flows, Internet + wisdom the sources of energy, Internet + Pu Huijin be in harmony, Internet + the domain such as ” of beneficial civili上海高端外围经纪人 外围女那么多an service, make the industry function sex that is based on Internet serve platform. With Shanghai steel couplet heavy goods trades iron and steel of platform, Shanghai trades the center leads steely industry transition to upgrade for bibcock; Rely on Bao Huan to supply catenary government (Shanghai) Inc. , ma泰顺人在上海做指压 上海指压飞机店2017ke “ box pull pull platform of ” conta爱上海网址是什么 爱上海 阿拉的爱上海iner Internet; B上海消费低点的荤场reed in succession introduced public of country’s biggest small letter sale to serve ” of platform “ small alliance, major serves to wait at ” of treasure of chemical industry of “ of platform of business affairs of chemical industry electron. In the meantime, cultivate the company that development provides the support such as technology, product, service one batch for industrial Internet. Key focusing intelligence is made, domain of IT of new material, new generation, it is bibcock with enterprise of a batch of keys, make fluctuation swim industrial catenary and industrial base. In intelligent equipment domain, founded Shanghai classics of first classics city is believed appoint cognizance robot industry garden, make intelligence make industrial group for the foundation with this. Wait for high-end equipment domain around marine engineering equipment, heavy-duty gas turbine, satellite application, found ” of demonstrative area of innovation of science and technology of confluenc上海闵行便宜水磨e of the army and the people of “ whole nation. In new material domain, built function of technology of industry of Xi of black lead of class of first town of whole town platform, develop to wait for the new material industry that is core with上海大桶大398油压 black lead Xi, superconductive material energetically. Next, treasure mountain makes the focal point network, intelligence change, the奉贤大唐水疗休闲会所 service is changed, the Internet zoology system that ch徐汇水疗会所anges in coordination, form ” of “ myriad a hundred or so to develop a target, make industrial Internet becomes the main driving force that innovation of society of economy of treasure mountain region expands to measure, the innovation上海水磨桑拿论坛 that makes treasure mountain become countrywide industry Internet to develop sets an example area. 10 thousand ” of “ namely the enterprise exceeds the assemble inside area related Internet of of all kinds industry 10000, 1000 ” of “ namely industrial Internet enterprise produces favorable balance of trade to cross 100 billion yuan, 100 ” of “ are introduced namely cultivate an industry inside famous get army the enterprise amounts to 100, 10 ” of “ make international namely famous platform item and get a soldier just (group) more than 10. That day, innovation of Chinese industry Internet carries out demonstrative enterprise of area of area key garden and industrial Internet innovation to give a shop sign formally also.