Execute the law personnel closes down to be being put in the unit of serious hidden danger to undertake / fi宝山ktv荤场re control offers a plan   Ni Dong of morning paper reporter

Municipal government holds whole town wintry spring fire is pre上海洗浴全套哪里好玩vented accuse to arouse after deploy job conference, loose river area appoint, district government office basically leads close self-regulated to spend follow-up of direct, whole journey, arouse departmental door administers “ three-in-one ” with all one’s strength (point to “ accommodation and production, storage, manage in the ” inside same space) , group hire the disease of hidden trouble dense such as the room, ensure topological features of fire control safety is stabilized continuously.
Hidden trouble of ” of three-in-one of comprehensive punish “

Because of historical bequeath problem, gold stainless steel come or flow together (the market) special housing construction, created appearance of ” of many “ three-in-one, although classics for many times punish, but relapse resurgence, cannot resolve safe hidden trouble from germ from beginning to end.
On December 5 morning 8 when, town of street of organization of loose river area, each appoint run bureau administration main leader holds the spot to meet, cleared the problem of fire hidden trouble of this market. That day morning, the job that district government leading organization brings the force such as inspect of inspect, canal of compasses earth, city, city, public security, fire control to comprise only class, garrison the spot handles official bussiness, reside in Chun Shen appoint can establish the spot to deal with 3 casual such as the group are made group, one by one refines task division of labor, begin punish in the round.
Execute the law personnel discovery, the circumstance hidden trouble of ” of upper berth of inn of bottom of “ of individual door inn inside the market is very outstanding: Door inn is below the secondary floor that board builds, open the door by day deal; The dormitory is above secondary floor, put not only have bed, some of b上海荤场体验usiness door returned a bottle of liquid gas steel to also be moved actually, bright fire is born to cook inside secondary floor.
Give advice of fire prevention of detachment of fire control of public security of loose river area Police officer Zhao says: “ uses the store of combustible上海浦东新区荤场ktv lumber space this kind, once a kind of firecrackerfire breaking out is very easy,baked wheaten cake joins camp. ”
According to statistic, this punish accumulative total dispatchs public security, fire control, bring the each unit such as canal of inspect, city inspect, city 1170 person-time, punish group hire more than 上海性价比最高的kb80, place of “ thre上海后花园论坛真实吗e-in-one ” 154, demolish illegal floor area 8700 square metre, instruct “ 3 stop ” (point to stop construction, disuse or stop production close down) and close down temporarily unit 60.

Divide up the work and assign a part to each individual or group, essence allows to administer

Since December 5, each street town lends loose river area situation hair strength, head a group personally by party card a party 2019上海油压店开了吗to an undertaking, combine relevant section, it is with legal laws and regulations prop up, advance punish of fire hidden trouble continuously.
Be opposite when market of building materials of loose metals of limited company of that calorie of electron, Shanghai has repair, car mound presses down one by one to refine task division of labor, make ” of detailed list of “ hidden trouble, divide up the work and assign a part to each individual or group, essence allows to administer, be in charge of by inspect of government, city, public security, city, protect especially, market control just wait for an unit to form working group of 10 10 people, head a group by fire control supervisor, come to examine the case of fire control hidden trouble such as “ three-in-one ” from door to door. According to statistic, this punish accumulative total dispatchs 640 person-time, demolish br谁知道上海那的水磨便宜eak the law build 50430 square metre, close stop, move from subsection, little room 34.
Town of foliaceous a pavilion or house on a terrace is opposite mainly Shanghai Bo Lun market, steam rub match square of commerce of ground of city, triangle to wait undertake centralized punish. On December 5, 6 days, government of town of thi上海豪华spa会所s town organization and relevant section 830 person-time, demolish place of “ three-in-on上海419论坛群有广州的资源吗e ” 50.

Borrow situation hair force to purify fire control environment

Prevent with fire of this wintry spring accuse punish action to be chance, det上海会所不准不开心论坛achment of loose river fire 长沙莞式桑拿洗浴中心control copies 57 units that accused muscularity of block of hidden trouble punish and place to district government, borrow force to purify environment of safety of area fire control.
Check in the platoon, in repair process, detachment combination public security, installed the unit such as canal of inspect, city to establis上海水磨论坛h group of 7 bright examine, 2 dark visit group, be opposite continuously the “11 such as mart of trade of inn of wicket of street of residence of urban and rural dweller, edge, 上海 推油 韩怡sufficient bath, communal public place of entertainment, 上海松江车墩哪有大保健market kind the fire control of spatial &rdqu嘉定荤场ktvo; is safe have conduct a thorough investigation. Once discover phenomenon of resurgence of “ three-in-one ” , instruct at once rectify and reform.
Mea闵行那个酒店有spanwhile, loose river area still checks fire control safety included an area environmental protection superintend and director exam阿拉爱上海后花园 阿拉爱上海 验证普陀ine special job content, violate com嘉定现在哪里有大保健吗passes construction project to undertake clearing to breaking the law punish. In addition, detachment still relies on put together to treat platform, do solid reseau to turn fire control management, aggrandizement the reseau that builds the fire such as the room to send a place more oneself to the country changes g上海指压按摩哪家好 上海飞机按摩论坛o on a tour of inspection.
According to statistic, wintry spring fire is prevented in accusing big platoon to examine big repair process, detachment of loose river fire control alarm force issues heavy a gleam of entirely, examine hidden trouble unit in all 436, qing Dynasty retreats place of “ three-in-one ” 202, close stop, close down subsection 99, administration detains 8 people.