Shanghai west station, it is an assemble Shanghai the hub of large and integrated traffic with traffic of orbit of city of railroad of peaceful city border, Shanghai and public t上海水磨会所2019价格ransportation city, the space inside the station is capacious. Nowadays, move toward the subway along passageway of west station north and south when 11 lines, can discover, originally smooth footpath two walls already “ changes body ” is multicolored artistic space. Come since this day on December 26, “ world is so great, I want to see ” thematic child draw itinerate to exhibit inside station of Shanghai west station the space is held, subway space becomes the another place that children art teachs. “ father, what is there in this small circle? I look not to understand. ”“ this is a big ant nest, there is a lot of house ins上海高端外围经纪人 外围女那么多ide. Before ” watchs the f闵行都市路spaather and son that exhibit to stand in children to be drawn, steal steal murmurous. The exhibition exhibits the creation work of a powerful and unconstrained style of ” of 55 “ young artists, the culture —阿拉爱上海长宁区— child that ”“ of vegetation of the natural landforms in the key point of appearance —— child that the district in the eye of the colour in passing what “ views the world to feel &md松江新城spaash;— child eye, temperature —— child that skins texture to view the world with rhythm ”“ and ”“ of the four seasons view the world, zoology views the world: The world that war, catastrophic ”“ views the child – the ego in child eye is felt and 6 big themes appear the exploration ” to sealed world. Exhibit in plane in showing, doodle wall, stereo device and calm case animation alternate in the meantime with s爱上海后花园三通ter上海按摩推油生意好做吗eo the ” of profusion “ eyeshot that reveals children. In work, have playing card of character of Chine上海市大型洗浴会所se ancient time; Advantageous with rip paper, stick paper, paper folding to go all out stick the real wor嘉定新城荤场ld that come out, animal, Jinsuo silver-colored lock; Also have the wash painting of Beijing opera character. Chen Xin of 9 years old with watermark woodcut ” company ” ginseng exhibit, in the picture, the float that floats on the pond is flo阿拉爱上海 预警区ating different colour, two fi松江区海豚湾spash in benthic m阿拉爱上海 验证贴 阿拉爱上海手机版ove about, body appearance is agile, if the shadow is like,show. “ cuts the modelling hard paper of two fish first, put in edition above add dye, gush water, next formative having a fish hard p上海贵族宝贝 龙凤aper cut comes out, this kind of result can present when printing the 3rd edition. ” Chen Xin say. Yellow contain of 12 years old gave m上海水磨会所攻略2017ysterious sky with flowery color picture, she learns a picture上海后花园1314 qianhua 7 years, had gotten many award, after my ideal is brought up namely, “ teachs a picture the teacher of the picture when. ” paints the watercolour painting of full animal in another piece, on mantis, ant, beetle body “ climbs ” to wear word of a travel: When does “ river water freeze? I can cross a river ” , or I also want “ the child is accompanied. ” is on the picture, children wrote him to the imagination of the animal come down, tongqu i宝山ktv荤场s abundant. “ teachs the child the painting actually, should make them free develop more, the teacher is controlled slightly, dot, make the finishing point namely. ” Chen Xin Liang Chen of teacher of take over a class for an absent teacher is recollected, once, when he teachs children to draw ski setting with color and modelling combination origina上海 干磨 水磨lity, the skier that a child is drawn does not have a head, he is a bit curious, ask ability knows, weather is too cold, the child thinks s上海夜场排名 百度知道kier buries the head in the dress. The thinking of the thinking of “ children and artist is very adjacent, they do not suffer the social interference with miscellaneous confused, behave a thing clingingly this true, when the picture that sees do not know them is made, do not want ur上海水磨是什么意思啊g上海金山张堰镇推油ent blame, want to learn to respect the child’s thinking and imagination. ”Sponsor square hope, pass this second art exhibition, the innovation of function of culture, space and children imagination photograph combines, the childhood world that is children depicts the brushstroke of thick Mo Chongcai.