Recently, an actor is in the process of program of late night transcribe, because heart source sex suddens dead misfortune dies, after tragedy happening, people also begins to think over ceaselessly, sudden death of heart source sex such sudden disease, if can be in ” gold inside the emergency treatment time of 4 minutes of ” , outside taking automatic put oneself in another’s position, divide quiver implement AED has first aid, the patient perhaps has the possibility of renascence. So beside us, where can be AED found? If appear,break out a state, how many person上海南桥spa会所 can use it correctly again? “It has two electrode piece, everybody has a look! ” Shanghai Red Cross is holding relieve a sick or injured person of a lash-up to groom, recently, here groom sign up unusually hot. Center of work of Shanghai Red Cross grooms Cao Yanhua of communication ministry minister tells to visit news Knews reporter, after this the incident of social heat happens, the branch also increased a few groom order, the quota of people that comes round to sign up is killed by the second. Outside how using automatic system, divide quiver implement, namely the AED device that big the daily life of a family says, it is 嘉定油压spa会所the most important part in emergency treatment course. According to introducing, the 4-6 after heart source sex suddens上海水磨群 the dead is coming on can produce not reversible head to damage in minute, the rescue time after because this breaks out a heart,stopping fight is called normally gold 4 minutes. Introduce according to Yao Yueqin of director of center of work of Shanghai Red Cross, the patient that the heart stops suddenly the dead reason of 85% above is room quiver bring about, room quiver to be divided through report only quiver to just can be eliminated, if be in a minute of less than, this person heart stopped suddenly, through using the word of AED, rescue is as high as 90% into power, if in 4 minutes 静安竹蜻蜓spaless than is taken,save his life effectively to AED. Begin from 2015, lash-up of city of city Red Cross combination does in whole town share public section and stadium installed equipment of man上海顶级桑拿按摩会所y 1400 AED, up to now, equipment of so much stage has been used 16 times in all, have bring back to life of success general patient 8 times among them. Still proper motion of school of a few businesses deployed AED, 2017, college of Shanghai grain industry ever used AED successful cure the student that falls down suddenly when a long-distance running. Shanghai manage is versed in brilliant of teacher lecturer Yuan is recollected, see this classmate complexion is already incorrect at that time, limb is in convulsive, mouth ministry risks bubble. School doctor Li Changlin: “That atmospherics is divided quivered 2 times, heart lungs anabiosises did have 956 minutes, when the ambulance comes, this classmate has a heartbeat namely. ” gold time has 4 minutes only, if AED distribution is equitable, can take in time with, the survival rate of abrupt dead is OK by 3% raise 50% above. Nevertheless, at present the layout of our country AED is mixed amount really gap is very big still, witting rate of everybody is very low also. See news Knews reporter undertake investigating. “You he上海杨浦区旺角桑拿微信号re is there AED? ” ” ah? Is AED what sell ah? ” across. “What is AED? Be bazaar? ” ” it is one individual outside except quiver appearance. ” ” not be every station has, we stand this. ” project of 上海好玩的荤场夜总会relieve a sick or injured person of ministry of rescue of aid of Shanghai Red Cross is in charge of Zhang Aiping to tell to visit news Knews reporter, like the country such as the United States, Japan AED of every 100 thousand people deserves to compare had exceeded 300, but in China every 100 thousand people deserve to compare have a few AED only. News Knew阿拉爱上海 新地址s reporter looks to discover in investigation, some people calculate know what AED is, but also not dare make free with. “Can be you used? ” ” I do not go to groom, the person of security personnel branch goes groom, will use by them. ” ” I may be hit first 120! Because of myself not quite know emergency treatment method, in case made a mistake, give important matter feeling. ” expert introduction, A高端干磨水磨啥意思ED is used actual上海夜总会排名10ly not difficult, groom through short time, the speech hint that Everyman can bring oneself according to equipment undertakes operating. “Do not want body of patient of lay a finspa水磨拉丝怎么做ger on, press now aglimmer pushbutton, electrical shock is finished! ” Chen Zhen of volunteer of persons qualified to teach of relieve a sick or injured person of lash-up of Shanghai Red Cross expresses, we the person that each person can become the first to carry out deliverance in t上海水磨一条龙 闵行江南会荤场上海最便宜的水磨会所he spot. Expert proposal, from will for a long time look, still should pass legislation, the layout of clear AED equipment, deserve to compare, source of amount, financing and relevant disclaimer, drive what layout is perfected and use上海水磨桑拿会所论坛 to gain ground ceaselessly. Ma Jin of professor of communal and wholesome college represents university of traffic of Shanghai of committee member of countrywide the Chinese People’s Political Consultati上海水磨isove Conference, common people is afraid of to responsibility is assumed after was being used, if worn-out use a fault, it is the responsibility that needs to assume a few law, this is behavior of a society apparently, so the government passes legislative gift only more perfect. It is at present in official of Shanghai Red Cross’ tiny tiny service, can find at present Shanghai already some AED layout maps, can locate the closest from oneself AED equipment. If want to accept lash-up emergency treatment to groom, can pass city Red Cross date of small letter public, hotline, webpage and each area the Red Cross signs up. Expect us beside can mount more AED, also hope to more person can learn to use it, such once happen accidentally, can be in gold saves more life in 4 minutes.