This may be this year an exhibition that all science and technology confuse summe上海静安区太阳岛浴场价格是多少?r vacation to be able to be missed least of all, original of manuscript of paper of the t上海温泉浴场排名heory of relativity of Einstein broad sense, Einstein 1905 ” miracle year ” 4 papers, Einstein and Luo Su are final epistolary… these mankinds are scientific Shi Shangzhen’s expensive cultural relic, will to chinese mainland and audience meet first. “Open first · talent is relativistic — the different of Einstein thinks the world ” exhibit especially rise to be met in Shanghai world rich today museum is opened to the public, the rich content such as the attend school that this content of item on display covers Einstein lifetime, achievement, affection, life, devotional, honor, ground of former juice raw ingredient is reductive a true Einstein. This year is Einstein birthday 140 years, 松江大学城spa油压world each district initiates the greeting of great to this scientist and yearning in succession. Shanghai is Einstein goes to two China that had visited before one’s death one of cities. November 1922, on the passenger liner that leaves for Shanghai in a Hong Kong, einstein gets the cable that wins nobel prize. This shows, the lot of this great scientist and Shanghai sees one spot. In 133 item on display that exhibit this in Shanghai, 86 are original, especially the original of two pages manuscript of broad sense the theory of relativity, can calls science history the top class cultural relic that go up, come to chinese mainland for the first time. In other item on 闵行足浴display, if think about the paper original of gravitation wave, old age ” unified field theory ” final jotter original, also be the precious treasure of Einstein talent thought. There still are a batch of Chinas such as north of Xia Yuan , Shu Xing, Cai Yuanpei, Song Qingling, Zhu Jiahua, Zhou Peiyuan in item on display latter-d莱阳市金山国际酒店ay and well-known public figure sends the letter original of Einstein and Einstein, all be the first-hand historical data that Einstein interacts with China in those days. In addition, einstein place is obtained 1921 Nobel physics award medal original, also will be one of focal item on display. “This exhibits an Einstein from ‘ god ‘ reductive to ‘ person ‘ . ” science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences history institute researcher, exhibit content adviser Fang Zaiqing this to say especially, exhibit this and did not show the one side with right Einstein blindly, the disappointment of the experience in also behaving other to be born, confused with the mistake. For instance, einstein is in ” diary of Su Li world ” medium one page showed this. Except the place that his train of thought is left to the mistake at that time, relativistic ” be born ” the meeting is earlier than now 3 years. And in another letter that the daughter writes when he is ill abed, he what cherish word is like gold drew a mean person of a piece of bed and be confined to bed piquantly below the character, between paper of small one party, the sweet blow on the face between father daughter and come. Einstein most of person commend is his breathtaking physics intuition. Fang Zaiqing introduces, encyclopedical, interest concerns this and推拿 洗浴Einstein dabble ext上海市闵行区浴场ensively. If the audience looks enoughly careful, can discover from inside a piece of item on display that is scorched, this is to come from a depict he is in Russia expeditionary book. Fang Zaiqing still introduces, every reach a place, einstein most the museum that the affirmation that goes looking around first is place, he still has established the name is ” institute of subfamily of abstruse Lin Pi ” organization. Here, einstein and other scientist徐汇碧海大浴场 discuss scientific topic ardently not only, s松江雪狼湖浴场价目表till discuss music, art, mechanical, philosophy to wait the content of numerous and jumbled a moment. And on this kind of thought ” surf ” , be considered as the key that Einstein can succeed by a lot of people. Sitante exhibits Benciaiyin by accredit of university of Jerusalem Xi Bailai, emancipatory cable industry (Shanghai) culture transmission limited company and Shanghai UDN are sponsorred, shanghai world rich is met museum assist do. (Sha of Shen Jiao of article report reporter)